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Self-adhesive Pen Loop - Pink

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Self-adhesive Pen Loop - Pink

Elastic Pen Loop Holder for Notebooks, Journals, Diaries, Planners

  • A smart extension for all notebooks and journals that have no built-in pen loop
  • Will firmly hold most pens, pencils, rollerballs, mechanical pencils
  • Ideal pen diameter: 10 to 20mm (0.39 to 0.79in)
  • Keeps pens and pencils of various sizes securely attached to custom-printed notebooks, journals, or any other print product
  • Stick the pen loop onto the inside of the backcover of your notebook
  • Bright pink colour, with transparent adhesive in trapeze-shape

How to attach the pen loop

  1. The pen loop works best on flat, non-porous surfaces
  2. Avoid leather or any other delicate materials
  3. Remove protective yellow film
  4. Place pen holder on desired position

The adhesive is very strong. Once the pen loop is placed, it can be hard to remove it.

Made for single use.

No pen included.