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The Gobrecht & Ulrich Business Signage Collection

Safety and awareness stickers don't have to be ugly: Business stickers from G&U are made from high-quality vinyl and have very noticeable, modern designs which easily blend in with any office environment. 

All our vinyl stickers are self-adhesive, which makes them very easy to apply - you just remove the backing paper. Being UV-resistant and waterproof, all our stickers can be used indoors and outdoors. The stickers are permanently adhesive but still very easy to remove, leaving no sticky residue in case you'd want to replace them one day. 

Awareness Stickers & Environmental Sustainability Stickers

Sometimes it's small nudges that can help people be more sustainable and stop wasting precious resources. We've heard from many business owners who said that awareness and sustainability stickers can have a positive impact on electricity and water bills.

Save Energy Stickers

Our save energy stickers can help you reduce energy usage in your office or home. They easily fit above or under any standard light switch and can also be applied to a number of devices, such as printers or copy machines. Popular with all kinds of companies who like to reduce their carbon footprint. Perfect for shared office spaces.

Save Water Stickers

Nobody likes running taps and waste of water: our save water stickers can help reduce unnecessary water consumption and remind people to turn off the water after they finished. Often used in tea kitchens, shared washrooms, hotels, and more.

Do Not Switch Off Stickers

While some equipment should really be switched off when not used, power plugs like the one for your WiFi router are essential for your business and should never be switched off. 

To avoid unexpected problems, a do not switch off sticker can be a very effective reminder not to turn off vital equipment on your premises.

No Junk Mail Stickers

Unwanted leaflets and flyers can quickly pile up in your office. Most end up in the recycling bin, without even being read. A no junk mail sticker will tell the postman not to leave unsolicited mailings in your letterbox.

We offer a medium-sized no junk mail sticker and a no junk mail magnet for magnetic letterboxes.

Vehicle Stickers

Fuel Cap Stickers

Companies with a small fleet of vehicles and multiple drivers know the problem: sometimes it can be hard to remember which fuel goes into which vehicle. And topping up the wrong fuel can be very costly and damage the engine.

G&U petrol only stickers and diesel only stickers are applied to the inside or outside of the fuel cap and will remind the driver which fuel to choose at the gas station.