Pen Loops

Gobrecht & Ulrich Pen Loop Collection

Pen Loops keep pens and pencils safely in their place. That’s why we always say: Buy a pen holder and you’ll never lose a pen again.

Our self-adhesive pen holders come with a sticky pad for easy application and an elastic rubber band, which fits most writing instruments between 10 to 20 mm and flexibly adjusts to any shape of pen.

Perfect for Notebooks and Journals without Pen Holders

Easily extend pocket calendars or notebooks without pen holders by sticking a self-adhesive pen loop to the backcover of your notebook - a really simple solution that will only take a few seconds. The sticky pad is very flat and designed to be invisible once attached.

Our pen loops have also found use attached to tablet cases as stylus holders. In fact, they can be used on any non-porous surface as long as it’s flat and clean - you decide where you want it.

An ideal addition for custom-printed calendars and brochures

Commercial printers use pen loops to offer their customers personalised journals, custom-printed notebooks, brochures and folders with a useful pen holder attachment. Gobrecht & Ulrich pen loops are perfect for professional use. Our experience shows that the rubber band of our elastic pen holders stays in shape, won’t wear out easily or become loose with daily use. For extra strong, long-lasting hold, pen loops can be worked into the end paper during the binding process, before the end paper is glued to the back cover board.

We currently offer self-adhesive pen loops in black and white, which work with almost any cover colour.

Metal Pen Clips for Shirt Pockets

Pen clips have a flexible metal clasp (or pocket clip) which is used to attach the pen holder to any flat object. The pen is held by a flexible steel spring which expands to accommodate pens and pencils of various sizes.

Gobrecht & Ulrich pen clips are made of metal with a shiny finish. You can remove the pen clip and re-use it, which is why we recommend them to everyone who is looking for temporary pen holders for clipboards, binders or even textiles.

We currently offer single pen clips.