Company Information

Gobrecht & Ulrich eCommerce Ltd
Director: Jan Gobrecht

41 St Bernard’s Crescent
United Kingdom

Company No.: SC528331
Registered in Scotland

VAT No.: GB235504133

Tel: +44 131 5162196

Gobrecht & Ulrich® is a registered trademark - EUIPO #018046456 / UK IPO: #00918046456

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Authorised Gobrecht & Ulrich retailers

Our products are exclusively sold by us, Gobrecht & Ulrich, through our shops and You can also find us on Amazon UK, eBay UK and etsy UK

There are currently no authorised third-party sellers or distribution agreements for Gobrecht & Ulrich® products. Our products are exclusively sold by Gobrecht & Ulrich eCommerce Ltd or Gobrecht & Ulrich eCommerce UG (haftungsbeschränkt). If you accidentally bought a Gobrecht & Ulrich® branded product from an unauthorised seller, please contact us.