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Binding Screw Hangers - Silver / Gold - 5mm Hole

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Binding Screw Hangers - Silver / Gold - 5mm Hole

Binding Screw Hangers work perfectly with binding screws. These d-ring hangers are essential for creating hanging sample swatches, restaurant menus, signage, leaflets, catalogues, and much more.

Simply insert a hanger in addition to the binding screw and you can hang, for example, a sample swatch anywhere you like.

The hangers add about 2 mm - please take this into account when selecting an appropriate binding screw.

  • The metal ring is big enough to fit slim hooks and can also be used with cable ties or cable hanging systems
  • Requires screw-post binding. Perfect for hanging samples swatches restaurant menus, signage, catalogues
  • Could also be attached to wooden frames in combination with wood screws
  • 5mm standard hole - made of metal, available in silver or gold / brass

Does not include binding screws.