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Book Corner Protectors

Gobrecht & Ulrich Book Corner Protector Collection

Protective book corners are a staple for every professional or hobby bookbinder. Our Gobrecht & Ulrich metal book corners help you keep all kinds of cover corners in top condition. A simple and effective way to add extra protection to delicate corners, which would otherwise get damaged or look worn out with use.

Keep Hardcovers and Softcover Books in top condition

Book corner protectors make sure your book or album will look great for many years to come, preventing cover corners from bending or curling. They’re not only protective but also decorative, adding an elegant finish to any hand-bound book.

We offer book corner protects with different heights and finishes, suitable for anything from thin softcover publications to hardcover books and photo albums with strong front and back covers:

How to choose the right size book corner

The easiest way to find out which book corner protector is right for you is to check the height of your medium.

We recommend to measure the cover with a ruler and then purchase the height that is closest to the thickness of your medium. This will ensure that the book corners fit perfectly, without leaving too much space around the edge of the medium and the corner protector.

How to apply a book corner protector

Applying book corners is quick and easy, making them ideal for small and large binding projects. We always recommend placing a thick cloth over the back of the book corner before adding it to the medium. This will avoid marks or blemishes on the metal.

Make sure the book corner sits nice and straight on the edge of your medium. Then, take a plier and gently squeeze the back side together. Alternatively, you can also use a light hammer.

Removal is just as simple: Take a plier and bend the sides of the book corner away from the cover. The corner should then come easily off the medium.