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Pens for Creative Professionals

Art pens by Tombow are a must-have for every art enthusiast and professional. With a rich heritage and a dedication to quality, Tombow has built a reputation as a leading brand in the art supplies industry. Beginner or professional—you should definitely take a look at Tombow pens.

About Tombow

Tombow is a Japanese family company, who have been supporting creative individuals worldwide since 1913.

Tombow specialise in creating high-quality and reliable writing instruments, ensuring that creative people have the tools they need to excel in their work.

Founded by pencil manufacturer Harunosuke Ogawa over a century ago, the company remains in family hands to this day.

With about 2,509 employees globally, Tombow is committed to providing exceptional craftsmanship and maintaining long-lasting relationships. Their dedication to consistency, tradition, and precision ensures that their product lines are carefully developed and maintained.