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Bamboo Paper Creaser - for Paper Folding & Book Binding - 16cm / 6.3”

Bamboo Paper Creaser - for Paper Folding & Book Binding - 16cm / 6.3”

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Bamboo Paper Creaser - for Paper Folding & Book Binding - 16cm / 6.3”

This paper creaser gives you a crisp and even fold on any kind of craft paper.

It's the perfect tool for anyone who works with card stock or art paper. Made of bamboo, with a wooden look and feel.

Bamboo paper creaser for clean and even score lines

Use the pointy head to score your paper (tip: for straight lines, use a ruler), fold and run the flat body over the fold line. If you use thicker paper, run the pointy head a couple of times over your fold line

  • Easily fold or crease any kind of paper or card stock
  • Pointed head for precise creasing and scoring - flat body for an even fold
  • Produces a clean and even result
  • 16cm (6.3”) length, made from bamboo

Use bone folders to finish leather or cloth book covers

A bamboo or bone folder can also be used to create creases and folds in the cloth or leather cover for a neat and professional finish. Simply use the bamboo folder to gently press along the cover after you applied bookbinding glue, pleating the cover material as needed.

Why choose bamboo instead of bone?

Bone paper creasers, usually made from bovine bone, a by-product of the meat industry, used to be very popular in the book binding industry because of their durability and smooth finish.

Bamboo is a versatile and highly renewable resource that has gained significant popularity in recent years due to its eco-friendly and sustainable qualities. Bamboo is a member of the grass family and is known for its natural strength, durability, and flexibility. It's also a fast-growing plant, with some species reaching maturity in just a few years.

Paper creasers made from bamboo offer the same qualities as traditional bone paper creasers, while using only plant materials. Choosing bamboo instead of bone can be a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for everyone who wants to avoid working with animal-derived materials.

We tried our bamboo folder against a bone folder and found the fold was just as crisp with the bamboo one.

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