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Gobrecht & Ulrich

10 Foldback Clips - Black Binder Clips

10 Foldback Clips - Black Binder Clips

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10 Foldback Clips - Black Binder Clips

Foldback Clips, aka Bulldog Clips / binder clips / foldover clips, hold sheets of paper together without damaging them.

Our foldback clips are made of metal and available in the following sizes:

  • 19 mm: can securely hold up to 70 sheets of 80 gsm paper
  • 25 mm: can securely hold up to 90 sheets of 80 gsm paper
  • 32 mm: can securely hold up to 130 sheets of 80 gsm paper

In the office, these clips are indispensable as a replacement for classic staples or as a solution for paper stacks that are simply too thick for normal staples. Foldback clips are also perfect as bookmarks or for grouping documents in folders (hence the nickname binder clip or paper clip).

For hobby and crafts the clips can be used for fixing small and delicate workpieces made of wood, cardboard, fabric and much more. The variety of possible applications makes foldback clips an indispensable helper.

Light-weight and strong binder clips

Gobrecht & Ulrich foldback clips are made for professional use and can be re-used many times. Simply fold the metal arms over backwards, press them together to open the clip and insert the sheets. The clamps are rounded to leave no marks and can be removed very quickly.

Ideal for organising print proofs, sample presentation, and much more.

How do you use foldback clips? 

  1. Fold each metal handle over backwards
  2. Open the clip by squeezing the handles, allowing the clip to separate
  3. Place the documents or papers you want to secure between the arms of the clip
  4. Release the handles, letting the arms grip the papers securely
  5. To remove or access the documents, simply squeeze the handles again to open the clip

Product specifications


19 mm / 0.75 in (clip width)
25 mm / 0.98 in (clip width)
32 mm / 1.26 in (clip width)

Packaging quantity 10 pcs
Maximum capacity

19 mm: 70 x 80 gsm sheets
25 mm: 90 x 80 gsm sheets
32 mm: 130 x 80 gsm sheets

Material Metal
Available colour Black / Silver (Nickel)
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