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100 Book Binding Screws - Silver (Nickel-plated)

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100 Book Binding Screws - Silver (Nickel-plated)

These nickel binding screws (aka chicago screws or interscrews) are available from 2mm to 20mm length.

All binding screws are nickel-plated and silver-coloured.

Please be aware that screws up to 3.5mm length have an open post (see pictures).

Ideal to hold together several pages of documents or swatch books, depending on the length you choose.

The longer the binding screw, the more it can hold.

The binding screws come in pairs (screws and posts), which you can easily put together by hand or use a screwdriver.

Where to use nickel binding screws

  • handbound books
  • bookbinding (screw-post binding)
  • leather covers / leather bindings
  • brochures
  • customised photo albums
  • portfolios
  • colour swatches
  • restaurant menus
  • all other print products

How to use nickel book binding screws

Punch a standard 5mm hole and insert one of the book screws.

Fasten by hand or use a flat screwdriver.

Book Binding Screws at a glance

  • Nickel binding screws (chicago screws), binding screws with nickel plating
  • Including screw and post.
  • Available lengths / sizes: 2mm - 20mm (please choose from variations)
  • Head diameter: 10mm or 0.39" with slot screw head / flat screw head
  • Screw post diameter / hole diameter: fits standard 5mm (0.2") holes
  • Depending on the length of the screw, the screw post either has a hole or is blank
Please choose the length (size) according to your needs. If unsure, ask us or order a sample.