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Binding Screw Washers - Ø17mm - 1mm Height - Silver/Gold

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Binding Screw Washers - Ø17mm - 1mm Height - Silver/Gold

  • Binding Screw Washers for Book Binding Screws / Screw-post Bindings
  • Use one washer per binding screw to give extra strength to the spine of handmade book or brochures
  • Ideal to offset height differences, if the binding screw is a bit too long - will add 1mm between screw and cover
  • Simply place washer between cover and screw and tighten screw as usual
  • 17mm diameter, 5mm hole, 1mm height - made of metal, available in silver and gold

Binding Screw Washers are a bookbinding essential. A single washer between book cover and binding screw will reinforce the binding and help keep screws securely in their place.

Alternatively, binding screw washers can be used to make up for height differences between cover and binding. For example, if you only have a 6mm binding post and actually a 5mm post would fit perfectly, add the washer and it will reduce the space between cover and binding by 1mm.