Kraft Paper Envelopes

Gobrecht & Ulrich Kraft Paper Envelope Collection 

We offer high-quality envelopes made of kraft paper in two different paper designs and in many popular sizes, from DIN C5 to DIN C7.

The paper weight of 100 and 110 gsm respectively, together with the natural paper texture, gives the kraft paper envelopes a high-quality feel. Compared to light office envelopes (about 70 - 80 gsm), our kraft envelopes are more stable and feel more valuable in the recipient's hands.

When packing and shipping the envelopes, we avoid plastic as much as possible.

Ribbed Kraft Paper Envelopes (100 gsm)

Ribbed kraft paper is characterised by fine lines (laid texture) in the paper, giving these envelopes a unique, rustic look. Perfect for wedding invitations, correspondence and greeting cards.

We offer ribbed kraft envelopes in the following formats:

Fleck Kraft Paper Envelopes (110 gsm)

Fleck kraft paper is made from 100% recycled material, which gives these envelopes their distinctive surface, colour and structure.The even brown colouring is interspersed with many small details due to the fully recycled paper pulp used in the production process.

These details give the paper a very natural look and a pleasant feel and stability. Perfect for thank you cards, invitations, greeting cards and much more!

Fleck kraft paper envelopes are available in the following formats: